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Flightline AC now offers kits for Comp Air's 6, 7, 8, and 10 Series aircraft, and has supplied parts for the new CompAir 12 and 9.  April 2006 brought the challenge of the Iraqi desert's heat and harsh conditions to the drawing board here at home. Having 6 competitor ac systems completely fail in the northern oil field theater of Iraq, the US Air Force went looking for answers. Ron and the gang from Comp Air Inc. set up the meeting and the remaining 5 aircraft have been equipped with Flightline AC's electric ac kit. Installation and testing at Edward's AFB in the Mojave desert of California proved to be the perfect test bed for the new system. Even the close to 100' temperatures proved to be no match for this highly effective system.

Flightline's Comp Air kit is designed with our exclusive inboard mounted condenser and has a few other upgrades not provided in the military application. From our all electric compressor, to the tight and highly generous evaporator (677 CFM), this system is a must for those of you in hot and or moist climates. Call us for a quote and we can have you flying in the comfort, convenience, and reliability of a Flightline AC equipped aircraft.

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