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Evaporator design is critical in removing heat from cabin space and all the more so when that space has substantial "sunload" or "heat sink".  Flightline has devoted hundreds of hours into research and development of this crucial component.  Everything from the size of the cabin space to the  output of the compressor has been figured in to build the best evaporative cooling core and case available.

Pictured here is Flightline's evaporator assembly shown with Jim Griffin Interiors covering on the back wall of a LancAir IV-P.  This unit utilizes Flightline's custom built 'plate fin' evaporator core.  Able to cool in excess of 200 cubic feet, this core is great for cabin space that is infiltrated by sunload.  Currently this core size and shape is being used in all wall mount and behind bulkhead applications including the LancAir IV-P and ES-P, and the new Van's RV-10.

On the efficiency scale the plate fin evaporator offers lighter weight, more exposed core, and the ability to cool very large or sunload compromised cabin space.  The downside to the plate fin is the cost to build and the inability to customize and configure into tight spaces.  That's where Flightline steps in with the 'Serpentine' core. 

The 'Serpentine' core is better able to be built with variation in size and shape as well as more cost efficient than the plate fin core.  The 'Serpentine' core rises to the occasion of being installed behind the dash, under dash, on wall, on shelf, and roof mounting.  With a multi-pass flat tube and the serpetine pattern across the heated air flow, this evaporator absorbs heat from the cabin space very well.  The core has the same design characteristics that the old copper 'tube and fin' style of core has in that it can be installed into very tight and small spacing, but because of the multiple and narrowed passes, the 'serpentine' core is capable of assisting the refrigerant R-134a to absorb the heat from the cabin space making it far superior to copper 'tube and fin' evaporators.   

The 'Serpentine' core is currently used on the LancAir Legacy as a roof mount, and is also configured behind the dash panel on some "Dual Air" IV-P custom applications.  These units are recommended and adapted for use in any cabin space and especially those that do not allow for bulkhead or upright mounting.  Flightline has several configurations in this style of core as well as can custom build cores based on available space in your aircraft. 

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