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Hose type is crucial for the longevity of any system.  Most automotive manufacturers have settled on reduced barrier, bubble crimp type hose and fittings.  Most heavy equipment has settled on servicable ends that do not require crimp tools to allow them to be serviced in the field.  Aircraft, we will take our que from the market that in some ways truly resembles what we are all about.  The bus market.  The bus market in the last 10 years is probably responsible for over 50% of all innovation in air conditioning.  From condensers and fans, to evaporator and hose technology, the 'bus' air conditioning market has really stepped up the engineering and design on hose technology.

Flightline uses Atco Air-O-Crimp hose systems.  The greatest problem with conventional hose is that it is bulky, not very flexible, and most often has aluminum crimped fittings.  These fittings often fracture and break over time with vibration as is common on aircraft.  Flightline's hose system has the most flexible hose, the most reliable steel fittings, and Flightline includes the one tool that you will need to complete the hose building with your kit.  You don't have to run to your local parts store to have your hoses crimped.  The hose and fitting kits provided with your ac system come with all of the orings and an oring lubricant tube also.  If you are investing your time and money by installing air conditioning hoses into your aircraft, know that the hose included in all of Flightline's kits systems is designed to eliminate your concern of leaking or breaking hose and fittings.

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