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 Epic Aircraft 

Flightline AC, Inc. is currently installing our newly released system in this unique and highly styled aircraft. The system was designed to specifically cool the Epic LT and Epic Escape PropJet aircraft.  This system showers and floods this beautiful aircraft. Offered as upgrades to the ac system are our Automatic Climate Control feature to help regulate cabin temperature, additional front mounted evaporator, and billet ac vents.

Flightline also has a solution for upgrading the factory installed sytsems (not made by Flightline AC, Inc) that owners and pilots may not be happy with.  Our solution is much less expensive than an entirely new system and will far outperform what was supplied for your aircraft.

Any builders who have been left without a system supplied by Epic to your aircraft will also receive preferential pricing for a Flightline AC system.  Call us today to discuss your air conditioning system. 

Complete Epic Escape or Epic LT systems start at $9300.00.  Flightline also offers various upgrades to the current systems that can enhance the performance and reliability of the various systems that were installed throughout the production years of the experimental line.  Please call to discuss your air conditioning issues when it's time to move up to a Flightline system.

Having problems with your E1000 system?  Give us a call to see if there is something we can do to help.

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