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Our engine driven kit designed in both 14 and 28 volt is the most capable kit on the market today for any IO-540 engine.  Fire up the engine, turn on the system and you will be experiencing air conditioning the way it was meant to be.  You can be cool and in control at the same time.

The capability of the 28 volt all electric kit is executive class in every way.  Plug into a GPU and pre-cool the cabin prior to loading in.  No more taxiing out with the doors half open, ruining the wife's hair with fuel fumes, or sweating up your business suit.   This unit is completely run tested to make sure that when you complete your install, that this system will help keep you cool from day one.

Flightline AC, LLC is now delivering kits for the RV10.  We offer both an engine driven kit in 14 and 28 volt as well as an engine off kit for 28 volt.  These systems are the most effective air conditioning units to be available for any small aircraft, and it's all brought together in the RV10.  From compressor mount and design, to our prestigious inboard mounted and flight characteristic saving condenser technology, to the oversized  evaporator and blower assembly, Flightline has designed the ideal kit for this ideal airplane.  As you contemplate your need for air conditioning, also consider Flightline AC as the team who can provide to you the best kit available for your RV10.

Reduced barrier hose and steel fittings.Air delivery overhead with controlstransition louvers doubled into the bottom skin
Modifications to induction cowls may or may not be necessary. Evaporator assemblyInboard mounted condenser assembly - No Scoop  

Complete RV 10 kits with Lycoming IO-540 include:

New Lycoming 2 groove Starter ring gear #LW10184*1
Machined compressor bracket with high speed bearing, positive*2 tensioner pulley
Machined alternator bracket with high speed bearing, positive*2 tensioner pulley
Sanden 16,500 BTU capable compressor

Goodyear Gatorback compressor and alternator belts
Behind bulkhead mounted, over 400 CFM 3 speed blower assembly with fuse protection*3
Internal mounted condenser assembly closed loop*4

Reduced barrier hoses for weight and size reduction
Steel hose fittings to not break or leak from vibration

*1True Lycoming part in case replacement is every necessary
*2Tension is made correctly with the belts v-cut in pulley groove
*3Flightline is the only manufacturer providing this safety feature as standard on all blower assemblies.
*4Designed to prevent emissions from entering cabin space.

The 28E Kit
The all electric kit replaces the firewall forward portion of the kit with our engine off capable electric compressor assembly.  The all electric kit comes complete for mounting everything behind the rear bulkhead.  This unit is even run tested so that at the end of your install you have plug and play performance. 

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